Compliance On Call

Compliance On Call has been meeting the changing needs of the UK insolvency profession since July 2005.

Our work ethic is legendary as we try to juggle case reviews with technical support, standard document design and interaction with the multitude of regulators and stakeholders who control the profession.

  •  We help insolvency practitioners identify their shortcomings and address them.
  • We check that improvements made by our clients are working and provide ongoing support to keep up the improved standard.
  • We interact with insolvency and non-insolvency regulators to keep aware of changing regulatory approaches and we tell them when we think that they are being unfair or unreasonable.
  • We use our Blog and social media to highlight specific areas that we think are not necessarily being brought into focus.

However, as we have said since we started…If we could find an economically viable way to do it, we’d rather be golfing!