Bronze Service

For an annual fee of £800 plus VAT you can have access to our online documents.  These are a selection of the documents that our existing clients refer to most and we’ve explained some of them below.

We don’t provide technical support at this level, but you will receive an email when any document is updated and you can download the new version using the password that we will provide you with.  If you need technical support, please look at our Silver Service.

Engagement letters and standard terms

We have standard letters appropriate for most case types that cover the main areas.  You can use them to bolster your own letters or import them as replacements, as you see fit.  They deal with key areas like explaining your role, scope of work and fees, disclosing your complaints system and regulator and referring to your complaints procedures and Provision of Services Regulations disclosure .

Fee approval and progress reports, final progress reports and pro-forma ADM proposals

These are kept fully updated for the new rules and revised SIPs and include prompts to help you to address key disclosure requirements.

Work programmes

These are a series of progression checklists.  They are broken into logical sections so that you don’t just print the usual brick of paper and clamp it unused on the front of the file.  Also, the individual points are carefully thought through from a practical compliance perspective, addressing deficiencies that we regularly see on visits by dealing with them earlier to avoid mistakes.

Ethics, Money Laundering, Pensions and other checklists and documents

The rest of our documents were designed to address issues as they arose on the last ten years’ visits. We update the documents approximately twice a year to reflect changes in legislation and regulatory guidance, such as the revised Insolvency Ethical Code effective from 1 May 2020.

As with any of our documents, they are aids to you in doing your work, not a statement of law and you should not rely on them without satisfying yourself that you are happy with their content. Compliance On Call cannot accept any liability for loss or penalty suffered by anyone using the documents. Having said that, we’ve tried to make them as good as we can and we’d happily take feedback to improve them further, so if you spot a typo or similar, please let us know.  One of the things that helps to make our documentation so widely used, in addition to the blood we sweat updating them, is that they benefit from ideas contributed by all of our clients and are regularly proof-read by a significant proportion of the insolvency profession.

Sign Up

To keep the system simple, we have just one fee per firm, rather than trying to work out something based on Insolvency Practitioner (IP) numbers, offices or how many staff are granted access.  All you have to do is sign up a simple confidentiality agreement confirming that you will keep them in-house and pay your money and we will provide the password. Please email Bill to sign up.