Rose Gold Service

Rose Gold Service was designed as a remote alternative to our popular Gold Service visits, for practices with electronic files.  The name reflects the slightly different, yet premium content of this service and the fact that IPs are still investing in getting the highest possible service from the country’s top compliance specialists.

We wanted to offer a remote solution that offers IPs a more flexible system, while maintaining the premium standard expected by our Gold Service clients. Instead of a periodic physical site visit, we will plan a rolling series of remote reviews with each client.

Each plan will be designed to meet the IP’s processes and systems, using portal access, or electronically copied or transferred documents to suit the practice and its IT systems. Each review will be relatively short and reported in a simplified format, with a rolling summary kept as evidence of the year’s cumulative review.

Pricing will depend on the frequency, size, and scope of reviews, but will be based on the equivalent cost of an annual Gold Service visit. Our aim is to provide a similar service for Gold and Rose Gold clients for the same total annual cost, although Rose Gold clients will pay monthly to reflect the ongoing nature of their work.

Unless you can convince us you can handle it, we will not work for the equivalent of more than 6 days in a year because we believe that you have to have time to fix what we have found around your regular work.

We anticipate that clients will require at least 1 hour’s review per IP per month, but this is not cast in stone and we will design our reviews to suit each IP’s requirements. When a longer review is required, we may do half a day in one month and then skip a couple of months.  The whole point of this service is to be more flexible, so we will try to make it fit the client, the cases they administer and the structure of their firm.


Anyone that would like to ask about our availability and the possible cost of stepping up to Rose Gold Service should contact Bill for a no obligation chat. Spaces are limited, but we try to fit in anyone who asks for a visit and we know that approaching us and embarking on a series of visits designed to fit your preferred scope will be cheaper than having an external review imposed by a regulator with them saying how much we have to cover.