Document Packs

The background, an overview and the small print. Everything you need to know


Our view until a couple of years ago was that we should not prepare document packs and anyone who did so was mad. You all had something that you could get by on and keeping a fresh set up to date would be a mammoth task. The insolvency world changed with the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016. So many rule references and little details have changed that the cobbled together, begged, stolen or borrowed packs of documents that most IPs used to get by, are no longer adequate.  For the first time in 30 years there is a need for a complete document pack for each case type. We have therefore produced a suitable set of documents.

An Overview

We have joint and sole office holder packs for ADM, MVL, CVL, CWU and BKY, together with our famous IVA and CVA packs.  We have also recently added joint and sole office holder packs for the new Moratorium procedure.

Many of the documents have coding inserted to improve how they merge with the most popular case administration software package.  We have kept them fully updated to date, but we also hope to introduce further improvements, such as refining the formatting and adding features.

Detail, warnings, caveats and small print:

  • No matter how much we fine-tune them and re-check them, the documents will not be perfect – we will just try to get them as good as we can and then update them as people spot any typos or errors;
  • All documents currently include IPS coding for most of the common fields that you will want to pre-load;
  • No standard document will guarantee that you will get everything right – we include prompts for you to provide information where standard wording is not enough, or coding cannot be added to populate fields;
  • We have tried to give you something to cover most scenarios and prevent you having to reinvent the wheel – you will still have to adapt the odd document, just as you had to within your old packs;
  • We have kept the documents in folders, but not tried to automate them into print packs – different practices like different documents linked for printing and we felt that if we tried to be too clever. it would just cause you more work;
  • We provide updates in return for an annual subscription. Routine updates are issued approximately twice a year, with an occasional additional update if there is a major change in the legislation or professional guidance.

Pack contents

The buttons below let you see the index for each complete pack. To download the index, click on the title of the pack.

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We have a price per pack, with discounts for those who buy all of the packs at once.  Please contact Bill for details of the pricing structure.