Gold Service

Over 130 IPs regularly have visits from us under our Gold Service.  The name was carefully chosen to reflect the premium content of this service and the fact that IPs are investing in getting the highest possible service from the country’s top compliance specialists.

Each visit is tailor made for the IPs and their practice, so exact pricing can only be stated when we know more about you, but the cost starts at £2,100 plus VAT for a single day.  Unless you can convince us you can handle it we will not work for more than 6 days in a year because we believe that you have to have time to fix what we have found before inviting us back and facing a new batch of deficiencies and recommendations.

Historically, our clients have tended to use us for around 1.5 days per IP per year, but this is not cast in stone and we design our visits to suit each IP’s requirements. We’d rather do a small visit every year than try and make you do everything at once, because we believe that the key to good compliance is regular, incremental improvement.

Our day rate is, effectively, an annual retainer that secures access to the whole range of services that our Gold clients enjoy.  Gold Service clients get access to the online documents included in our Bronze Service, copies of the CVA and IVA packs and email and phone support that Silver Service clients receive, but also have the following included in their service:

  • A visit planned in writing to meet your practice’s needs and the requirements of each IP’s regulator.
  • A visit conducted by award winning compliance specialists with over 60 years’ combined experience.
  • A three part visit report comprising an executive summary of key matters to address or disclose depending on the requirements of each IP’s regulator and two prioritised action plans setting out every deficiency found, in a colour-coded format to help organise and evidence action taken to put each one right.
  • Ongoing support reviewing documentation and systems introduced by the practice to address deficiencies identified on the visit.
  • Ongoing support around regulatory visits, including acting as a sounding board for pre-visit concerns, assistance with difficult points that arise on a visit and helping with post-visit responses to enhance each IP’s chances of the optimum outcome.
  • Ongoing support with complaints, helping to review correspondence received and any proposed replies to avoid escalating a complaint wherever possible and trying to find a practical solution that reduces the cost of dealing with the complaint.
  • Higher grade access to our email support.  Although any visit we are attending at the time will always take priority, Gold Service clients have priority over anything else and many are now used to our late night and weekend response emails as we work on technical issues around our visit commitments.


Anyone that would like to ask about our availability and the possible cost of stepping up to Gold Service should contact Bill for a no obligation chat. Spaces are limited, but we try to fit in anyone who asks for a visit and we know that approaching us and embarking on a series of visits designed to fit your preferred scope will be cheaper than having an external review imposed by a regulator with them saying how much we have to cover.